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Do you do the UK National Lottery?

If so then you may find this Lottery Software very usefull and maybe even very valuable, who knows, read on below to find out just what it is all about.

So you might be wondering, what's this all about then? Why do I need an application to help me do the National Lottery? Well I think that any help you can get with something like this has got to be better than no help at all. If there is any way that you can reduce the odds, by any amount, of winning even a tenner on the Lottery then it has to be worth a look and who knows, you may even get very lucky and win the lot.

The Lottery Application Overview

New Version [12/07/2005]

A Lottery Software Application To Help You:

  • Maintain a your own UK National Lottery numbers database.
  • Enables you to download every UK National Lottery draw result from the very first day.
  • Analyse Patterns, Trends & Sequences in your UK National Lottery numbers database.
  • Automatically select your numbers for the UK National Lottery, based on Analysis.

The Lottery Application Features & Screen Shots [V1.1.0.11]

The National Lottery application gives you several tools to assist you in your quest for riches, these are all accessed from a very easy to use “Main Menu”.

  • It allows you to maintain a complete Lottery numbers database with the "Enter Lottery Numbers" option, or you can download the curent Lottery numbers from the Web using the "Download Numbers"  facility. If you have an external file of Lottery numbers you can import them with the "Import Numbers" menu option.
  • You can generate your own Lottery numbers with the "Generate Lottery Numbers" option. This will generate the six Lottey numbers, plus the Bonus Ball, using a special algorithm that is based on the frequency and pattern of numbers drawn so far, so this, in theory could increase your chances of a win.
  • It has the ability to display a number of Lottery statistics using the "Show Lottery Statistics" option. This will display a form showing a "Ball Appearance League", "Machine Appearance League" and a "Set Appearance League". There are also Buttons to allow you to display the results by Count, or Percentage.
  • There is a further option from the Main Form that allows you to scan the Lottery Numbers Database for Sequences of Balls, Machines and Ball Sets. This form is displayed when you select the "Scan For Patterns" option from the Main Form.
  • There is another feature of the "Lottery Record Scanning" function that deserves special mention on
    its own.
    • Every time you run a "Lottery Record Scan" a file is created in the current working folder called: "Lottery.nBall-MC-BS.Dddmmyy.Thhmmss.Log". This file contains a complete record of all the Pattern Matches found during the current Scan. It also contains each "Best Pattern" found.
    • Finally at the bottom of the Log File you will see a section called "Results For Quantity of Each Pattern". This lists how many AAA Ball Patterns have made BBB appearances
      and gives you some idea of how often Ball Patterns appear, or not as the case may be.
    • The file format is explained in detail in the "Record Scanning Info Form" section of the Help file.
  • The final option on the Main Form "View Pattern Data" gives you the ability to View every single Pattern that has ever appeared in a Lottery draw, the weeks on which that Pattern appeared and in addition all the Patterns that have never appeared. You can view all the 2, 3 and 4 Ball Patterns. This will help you to identify the most popular 2,3 and 4 Ball Patterns and increase your chances of picking a winner for yourself.

Registration Form

Register now, by completing the below form, this will enable your completely free copy of “The Lottery Application” to be downloaded and start helping you with your UK National Lottery numbers.

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Once you have completed the above Registration Form sucessfully and clicked the Submit button a Download dialoge should appear.

If a Download dialoge does not appear and you are returned to the Registration Form, the you have not filled in all the required fields (*).

God Luck.



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