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Welcome to Graham Dyke Photography. Just click the links below and then click the image to go to that gallery. I hope you enjoy the photos and don’t forget all the images can be  purchased as a Digital File, High Quality A4 Mounted Print, or a Premium Photo Product. You can Purchase from the E-Shop, or by E-mailing me at Just email details of what Image, or Gallery, that you are interested in and weather you want Digital Image(s) on CD, or High Quality A4 Mounted Print(s). I will reply with Pricing and  Payment details within 24 hours.


Alternatively you can purchase many of my images from the acclaimed Photobox PhotoLab. This is a truly professional Photo Lab service where you can purchase the image in an almost endless number of formats, frames and custom options. Photobox accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

Four Star Photo Gallery

(Canon Powershot Pro1)

Ghent (Netherlands)

(Canon Powershot Pro1)


Fowey (UK)

(Canon Powershot Pro1)

Venice (Italy)

(Canon Powershot Pro1)


Canon TX1

Photo & Video Gallery

Download Festival 2009 (UK)

(Panasonic TZ7)


The above Canon TX1 Gallery contains four video files in AVI (QuickTime) format. The QuickTime Browser player will not allow the file to be downloaded. If you want to download any of the movies, right click  the links here and select Save Link As:


Super Macro - Buzz Off 1

Super Macro - Buzz Off 2

Good Manual White Balance

Bad Auto White Balance

Tamron AF 18-250 F/3.5-6.3

Left Side Softness

Before & After Fix

Golden Gods

Awards 2009 (UK)

(Panasonic TZ7)


IBM Hursley 50th

Anniversary (UK)

(Pentax K10D)

Pageant of Motoring

Romsey 2008 (UK)

(Pentax K10D)

(Purchase Images From Photobox)

IBM 50 Anniversary_edited-1

Duxford 90th Anniversary Airshow 2008 (UK)

(Pentax K10D)

(Purchase Images From Photobox)

The Last Avro Vulcan XH558

(Pentax K10D)


Vintage Car Show Romsey

Christmas 2008 (UK)

(Pentax K10D)

(Purchase Images From Photobox)

Portsmouth Gunwarf Keys

& Spinnaker Tower (UK)

(Pentax K10D)



Airshow 2009 (UK)

(Pentax K20D)

Pagent of Motoring

Romsey 2009 (UK)

(Pentax K20D)

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Purchasing Information

The images displayed in these photo galleries are reduced in size and quality for display purposes.


There are three ways that you can purchase images from Graham Dyke Photography:


1. Some of the Galleries images are available for purchase from the acclaimed” Photo Lab. This is a truly professional Photo Lab service where you can purchase the image in an almost endless number of formats, frames and custom options. For the Galleries where all, or some of the images are available from “” there is a link to that Photobox Gallery beneath the Gallery title above. Photobox accept all major credit cards and Paypal.


2. You can purchase Digital Copies of the full size and quality images, without the copyright watermark, for your own use by e-mailing me using the below link. Please state which Gallery and or Image it is that you wish to purchase a licence for and I will contact you with pricing and payment details. Email me at


3. A small selection of images from these photo galleries are now available for purchase, as A4 Mounted Prints, on-line in the Photo E-Shop. If you do not see the image in the shop that you wish to purchase, but it is in one of the Galleries, please use the Email link above and I will contact you with Pricing and Payment details.



At present the E-Shop only allows the use of Bank Transfer and Cheques as payment methods. If you wish to use PayPal as a payment method for a Digital Copy, or A4 Mounted Print, please email me with details of what you require, using the above link and I will reply with the required Pricing and Payment details.